Message from the CEO

It is a pleasure to meet you. I have been a small business owner and serial entrepreneur for over 15 years. I have worked to build several small businesses in a number of areas including insurance, retail, consulting, and a restaurant. I have known the exhilaration of success and endured failure. My journey taught me that an applied social network of, by and for small businesses could help increase our chances. We in the small business world create jobs, teach skills, pay taxes, train employees, build communities. American families produce small businesses and small business supports American families and communities. Brazzlebox is for us, the small and home based business owner. Like always, there are no handouts or freebies. But, you already knew that as a small business person! We at BrazzleBox invite you to take BrazzleBox over and build; then we can build something that works for all of us together. Why are we here? Why should you join us? To be able to network with other small business owners, get discounts on products and services you need, to provide an inexpensive way to reach out to your community.

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Running a small business can be isolating; long days, early mornings and few who understand. Brazzlebox offers assistance because we can support each other. After all, we share family, community, concerns, challenges and experience. Whatever you can do alone we can do it faster together.

Welcome, you’re among family.

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Welcome to your small and home based business community platform.

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Created for small business by small business. Brazzlebox is committed to providing member’s deals and specials to help you run your business.

Launching Summer of 2014

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